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Ankou's Asylum Dungeon

Ankou's Asylum Dungeon
Ankou's Asylum Dungeon

Elders of the Muran whisper legends of an ancient evil being captured and locked away in a lost tomb, only to resurface when the beast regains its full power. The young of their tribe once regarded the tale as nothing more than a phantom created to keep them in line. However, the signs are changing, the Lycan are stirring, and the very ground is trembling. The Muran warriors brave enough to explore beyond the borders of their stronghold have not been seen again.
On the eastern edge of the Kaillun Grassland, a great evil is stirring. An ancient God from the age of Rhisis has been forgotten to time... until now! If what was once locked away is released upon the world, Madrigal may never know peace again.

Within this dungeon, the god of death, Ankou has been awakened in order to destroy Madrigal and its people. Players will be tasked with helping the Muran in destroying this monster. Blessed by their benevolent god, Rhisis, the Muran will provide players with new enchanted weapons to help defeat Ankou and eradicate his minions

Ankou's Asylum Dungeon is accessible from the Kaillun continent.

Dungeon Particularities

All Masquerpets are aggravated. This is an Instance Dungeon so only Party and or Guild members will be present.
Entrance Fee
Unique Items Present

Ankou's Asylum Dungeon contain item uniquely found here.

Quests Available

Quest Items Found Here
Monster Dropped
Icon Name
image:Orcus's Tablet.png Orcus's Tablet
(Twisted Soul) Orcus
image:Bead of Nergal.png Bead of Nergal
(Tormented Soul) Nergal
image:Hel's charm.png Hel's charm
(Demonic Soul) Hel
image:Morrigan's Crystal.png Morrigan's Crystal
(Perverted Soul) Morrigan
image:Mara's Mane.png Mara's Mane
(Anguished Soul) Mara
image:Armor of Ghed.png Armor of Ghed
(Violent Soul) Ghed
image:Ankou's Scale.png Ankou's Scale
(God of Death) Ankou
Certain rules apply:

1) You must be in a party to enter dungeon but party is not teleported to dungeon if you enter it. You may proceed alone, though this is not advised
2) If you leave the Dungeon you must wait 360 minute cooldown time to re-enter.
3) If you DC you will be spawned just outside the dungeon and re-entrance is permitted
4) The use of Trans, be it Aibatt Trans or other, are no longer allowed within the dungeons
5) You must be a level 130 Hero to enter dungeon.
6) For the (God of Death) Ankou to appear ALL 5 Monument of Death statues must be destroyed.

Monsters Present

This dungeon is for level 125 ~ 145 Masquerpets.
This is a party dungeon so masquerpets hit hard and have a lot of hp. Rewards are very interesting. Here is where you will find the Muran Weapons

Dungeon Prizes

All Muran Weapons are level and are Soul Linked. Meaning once they have been equipped they may not be banked, warehoused, traded or sold. They may be put in backpack. These weapons are third class restricted.

Muran Weapons
Gear/Stats Gear/Stats


Attack Speed +36%

Critical +42%
Increased Critical Damage +80%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%

image:Celestial Edge.png

Celestial Edge

Attack Speed +48%

Critical +48%
Increased Critical Damage +105%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%



Max. HP +26%

DEF +32%
Melee Block +24%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%

image:Heavens Gate.png

Heavens Gate

HP Rate +30%

Block ranged +30%
Block Close +30%

image:K Fang.png

K Fang

Attack Speed +37%

Critical +42%
Increased Critical Damage +65%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%

image:Butcher's Carnage.png

Butcher's Carnage

Attack Speed +21%

Critical +47%
Increased Critical Damage +65%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%

image:Dragon's Rain.png

Dragon's Rain

Critical +43%

Attack +26%
Increased Critical Damage +81%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%



Attack Speed 43%

Attack +19%
Increased Critical Damage +91%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%
Hit Rate +10%

image:Maw of Judgment.png

Maw of Judgment

Critical Chance +21%

Attack Speed +16%
Increased Critical Damage +81%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric]+8%
Hit +10%

image:Heart of Rhisis.png

Heart of Rhisis

INT +20%

Additional HP Rate +20%
Block rate of short range attack +20%



Decreased Casting Time+30%

Increased Attack+32%
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric]+8%

image:Scepter of Disorder.png

Scepter of Disorder

INT +29

Magic Casting Time Decrease Rate +31%
Additional Damage to Monsters Electric +8%
Hit +10%

image:Tome of Obeah.png

Tome of Obeah

INT +20

Additional MPRate +20%
Block rate of short range attack +20%

image:Roikas Stave.png

Roika's Stave

Decreased Casting Time+31%

Increased Attack+38%
INT +37
Additional Damage to Monsters [Electric] +8%

Continent Content Color Reference:
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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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