A Vagrant... is Born! Event

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Greetings FlyFFers!

Starting today for 2 weeks (Oct 28 - Nov 10) the first new character on newly created gPotato accounts will be eligible to receive special items when they log in for the first time! The items will automatically appear in your new character's inventory.

Here are the rewards:

  • Baby Tiger (1 Day) x1
  • Syila Hoverbike (7 Days) x1
  • Event Gift Box* x3

(All items in the *event* gift box are... you guessed it, event!)

Please Note:

  1. Eligible characters must be created during the event.
  2. Eligible accounts must be created during the event.
  3. If an account is created during the event, but a character is not created within 24 hours of account creation, that character will not be eligible for rewards.
  4. Only the FIRST character will be eligible to receive the items on a single account.
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