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Continent: Flaris

Area: Flarisian Fields.

Portrait of Radion Part 4

Level Requirement : 26-30

After meeting up with (High-Dwarpet) Tucani. He'll give you the next step to your quest which is to find Ancimys.

Once you find Ancimys near the Pukepukes in the Flarisian Fields, he will ask you to find 1 Portrait of Radion which can be achieved by fighting a Troupe Member of Red Bang.

Ancimys is a rather odd fellow whose always desperate for some sort of entertainment. Rumors have it that he's actually an extraordinary magician which, by complete accident, locked himself inside a box while trying out a spell. Though one would never be able to get him to admit this. It's a wonder that he hasn't run out of air as of yet. For the time being, for whatever the reason, he entertains himself by ridiculing innocent travelers that happen to walk his way. As far as even more rumors go, people have said that they've seen him in different areas of Madrigal. How he is able to move so quickly while trapped within a chest will most probable always remains a mystery.


World Quote:

  • "Ugh, I am so BORED! Isn't there anyone out there that can make me laugh? Isn't there anything fun to do?"


  • "Gee, I hope there's enough air in here… Farewell!"

Who are you?:

  • "Hey, you there! Listen, I need some entertainment. It's pretty cramped in here. Do you know any jokes? Please, anything! I'd even settle for a 'Knock-knock' joke at this point!"


  • "I am most certainly not a well-known Magician that accidentally locked himself inside of a Magic Box. Nope, that's not me, and I haven't seen anyone like that. Nope. Anywho, so an Acrobat, a Mercenary and an Aibatt walk into a bar…"


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