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(Token Vendor) Rambo
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Arena of Ole.

He is the person to see if you would like to purchase items with your Token of Bravery.



World Quote:

  • "Step right up and exchange your Tokens of Bravery here!"


  • "Do you have any Tokens of Bravery? Defeat boss monsters in the Colosseum and collect Tokens of Bravery to exchange them for any of the awesome rewards I'm carrying."

Who are you?:

  • "I was trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke. To Kill! Period! Win by attrition."


  • "Be careful out there!"


Current Shop Inventory

Rambo now exchanges Blue Token of Valor, Red Token of Valor and Champion's Token for rewards.

image:Rambo exchange menu.jpg

Old Shop Inventory

Rambo Sells Boxes of Goodies. His inventory may be purchased with Image:Token of Bravery.png Token of Bravery. He does not sell any items for Penya.

Shop Inventory

Item Price (in Token of Bravery)
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Sunstone Box 250
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Moonstone Box 250
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Shining Oricalkum Box 2,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Stone of Balance Box 4,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Guardian Weapon Box 3,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Historic Weapon Box 4,500
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Angel Weapon Box 5,500
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Legendary Golden Weapon Box 6,500
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Lusaka Weapon Box 22,500
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Vampire Weapon Box 25,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Crystal Lusaka Weapon Box 27,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Ancient Weapon Box 30,000
Image:DefaultPackbox01.png Muran Weapon Random Box 33,500

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