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(Sage) Kimel
Continent: Flaris

Area: Fountain of Dead Person.

Ranger Quest Part 2

Level Requirement : 60

After meeting up with Eliff in Darken. You are required to find Kimel at the Fountain of Dead Person.

Once you find Kimel, you will be required to bring back a Letter of Hynan, which had been taken by a monster called Rubo.

Kimel is most probable the most enthusiastic of all when it comes to hero work. Although the years have piled up on him, he still remains one of the greatest archers of all time. He is able to shoot an apple off someones head without even watching what he's doing. His secret? His immense faith in one particular hero, Hynan, the Ranger hero.
Although it may seem a bit childish, he idolizes the heroes like, as if they were the very gods themselves. In his opinion, everyone should be thankful that the heroes ever existed and should not be taken for granted. Mainly because, without them, the world wouldn't exist anymore. So to contribute for future battles, he spends time with vagrants in hopes that they will fancy becoming a ranger themselves.


World Quote:

  • "We must lead these brave adventurers on the right path, Radyon."


  • "The Heroes live on through all of us."

Who are you?:

  • "The Heroes saved us all from certain doom. We are forever grateful for their bravery. Will you follow the path of the Heroes?"


  • "My name is Sage Kimel and I am here as a guide to those seeking the knowledge of the Heroes. Sage Radion is the greatest Wise Man of all of us. If you seek knowledge, go to him."


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