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(Psykeeper Wise-man) Cuarine
Continent: Flaris

Area: Fountain of Dead Person.

Psykeeper Quest Part 2

Level Requirement : 60

After meeting up with Cylor in Darken. You are required to find Cuarine at the Fountain of Dead Person.

Once you find Cuarine, you will be required to bring back the Magic Underwear of Power, dropped by Kynsy.

Cuarine has been fascinated by the supernatural for as long as he can remember. Always seeking out new information, and following the rumors of haunted areas was some of the things he enjoyed doing when he was younger. Who would've guessed that such an odd hobby would one day lead him to meeting the legendary Psykeeper Hero Offerepm.
It was by far the most frightening moment of his life, never had he seen such a demonic aura form around one person. Yet, he wanted to continue watching. He too, wished to know of such power, and thus he dedicated his life to the dark arts of spirit summoning. So far he's been quite successful, even though everyone deserted him thinking that he would go insane one day and have poltergeists roam freely to vanquish everyone who did him wrong. However, this has not yet come to pass and he's willing to teach anyone who's willing to learn how to communicate with the spirits. Specifically young vagrants.


World Quote:

  • "Bubble watches over all aspiring heroes."


  • "The shields of the Heroes have defended Madrigal from the wrath of Shade. We are forever grateful for their bravery and wish to preserve their memory for all time."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Cuarine Coexar and I am the Psykeeper Wise Man. I preserve the history of the Heroes and provide guidance for those wishing to follow the path Offerep, the Psykeeper Hero."


  • "Follow the path of the Heroes, and you will never lose your way."


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