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(High-Dwarpet) Langdrong
Continent: Flaris

Area: Billeting Place of High-Dwarpets.

Obsolete NPC
Langdrong has often been looked down upon by humans throughout his life causing him to be rather bitter towards them. So bitter in fact that he refuses to even associate himself with them. Deeming humans inferior compared to Dwarpets like himself.
The only humans that catch his fancy are the ones who are daring and adventurous. Those who follow the way of the Mercenary lineage may be the only ones who have his sympathies for they are the strongest as far as humans go.


World Quote:

  • "Oh man! All this shoveling, all day long! Can't I have a break?!"


  • "*Tucani grins at you* You want me to say hello to you? Haha, never! I may live like you humans but I am nothing like you! So nyah!"

Who are you?:

  • "Me? You want to know who I am? Hahaha! What a shame the feeling isn't mutual. I am High-Dwarpet Langdrong Clo and I'm the keeper of the Mercenaries Book of Technique. Happy?"


  • "Steer clear of the other Dwarpets. They may not be as nice as I am."


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