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(Elementor Wise-man) Cuzrill
Continent: Flaris

Area: Fountain of Dead Person.

Elementor Quest Part 2

Level Requirement : 60

After meeting up with Horison in Darken. You are required to find Cuzrill at the Fountain of Dead Person.

Once you find Cuzrill, you will be required to bring back the Feather of Magic Power.

Cuzrill Rembright had been scholar since a very young age. The elements of the world around him fascinated him more than anything else, which may be a most probable reason as to why he decided to become an elementor. Which, quite literally make him one with the elements around him, making it so they completely not harm them.
After seeing a ghostly figure he believes to be Lilip perform magic from the likes he's never seen. He became even more motivated to learn every spell known to Madrigal. He hopes to give this knowledge to any young vagrant willing to give it a shot.


World Quote:

  • "A strange energy emanates from this fountain. What is it?"


  • "We lie in wait, preparing for the worst, and hoping for a future to come when the heroes will arise once more."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Cuzrill Rembright and I am the Elementor Wise Man. I preserve the history of the Heroes and provide guidance for those wishing to follow the path Lillip, the Elementor Hero."


  • "Trust in the legacy of the Heroes, adventurer. For it is all that can save us now."


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