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(Arena Manager) Lay
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Sain City.

Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken.

Lay provides teleportation to the new PvP_Arena A true dueling free-for-all.
His name is Lay and he is in charge of the pvp arena.
He tells you that battling is free and without penalty inside the arena, but you must have finished the first job quest to enter.


World Quote:

  • "Hey, you two! Stop that bickering, it's pointless! Take it to the arena!"


  • "In the PvP arena, you can fight other adventurers such as yourself. If you meet unfortunate circumstances, and are slain on the arena floor, you will not incur any death penalties."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Lay and I am in charge of the PvP arena. I'll only let you in if you've chosen your first job."


  • "Another one bites the dust!"


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