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(1vs1 Guild Siege Manager) Anny
Continent: Flaris

Area: Northern Flarine.

No Quests Available

Anny is in charge of canceling and rewarding 1vs1 [Guild Siege]]s. She is also able to provide you with information about the cancellation fees and what kind of rewards the winners of the Siege are able to receive.

Anny, although she may look like someones great grandmother, is a feisty old woman. She has been working at the Guild Siege in Flaris for a great number of years and it will be a great deal of time also before she decides to finally retire.
She adores observing combat in live action and graciously awards the fighters who are able to reign victorious. It often saddens her when a young warrior chooses to accept the challenge, and after wards quickly backs away from it and refuses to enter like a coward.


World Quote:

  • "Please visit me if you have any questions about the 1vs1 Guild Siege."


  • "Why hello there, young one. You certainly look strong! I bet you could even handle 1v2! Hahaha! Yes, I'm lying… you'll probably last about 2 seconds."

Who are you?:

  • "Okay, on a serious note, my name is Anny and I am the Rewards Manager for the 1vs1 Guild Siege. Stop by anytime if you need to pick up your reward, require some information, or would like to hear more or my witty sarcasm."


  • "Toodles!"


1vs1 Guild Siege
  • Cancel
  • Application Fee
  • Rewards
  • Receive 1vs1 Guild Siege Application Fee

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