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(1vs1 Guild Siege Manager) Amos
Continent: Flaris

Area: Northern Flarine.

No Quests Available

Amos is in charge of handling the applications, status's, and entries to the 1vs1 Guild Sieges. If necessary he will give you information about the rules and conditions.

Amos was once one of the greatest Guild Leaders to have roamed Madrigal so he certainly knows his job quite well. Though his guild was once legend, it has long been forgotten since he disbanded it to take charge of other guilds in the undergrounds of the greatest attraction ever to hit the continent of Flaris.
When the undergrounds for the Guild Siege were accidentally discovered several years ago by the first settlers, it's eye catching construction, almost stadium-like made it ideal for warriors to test their skills and able to combat with the best of the best without penalty. This has always been rather intriguing for Amos which is why he's thrilled to be able to work in such an area in the first place.


World Quote:

  • "Welcome, Flarinians! Sign up here for entry into the 1vs1 Guild Siege!"


  • "A guild is only as strong as it's weakest member, my friend, and this is where we separate the bark from the bite. Test your mettle in the 1vs1 Guild Siege if you think you're strong enough!"

Who are you?:

  • "Greetings, adventurer! If you're interesting in proving your worth in the 1vs1 Guild Siege, then I am the guy to talk to. My name is Amos and I am the 1vs1 Guild Siege Manager for Flarine."


  • "For glory!"


1vs1 Guild Siege
  • Application
  • Check Current Status
  • Set Member List
  • Enter
  • Join
  • Basic Rules
  • Winning Conditions

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